Friday, May 29, 2009

Nancy Walker's High Hopes

She was 4'10 - but packed with talent.

On TV - she was Rhoda's mom Ida, Rock Hudson's maid Mildred, and showgirl wrangler Nancy Blansky. She also sold paper towels. But on Broadway ("On the Town") she was a very likeable singer and dancer. She sang and danced in a few films.
Here is a cute tune from the musical "Lucky Me"(1954) sung by Doris Day, Nancy Walker, Phil Silvers and Eddie Foy Jr.

Nancy Walker liked pal-ing around LA with big queens Paul Lynde and Richard Deacon,
and she also gave us 1980's Can't Stop The Music. It was Walker's feature film directorial debut, and starred The Village People, Valerie Perrine, and Bruce Jenner's old nose.

man, this picture below is like HEROIN for me.
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