Thursday, April 23, 2009

I Think We're Alone Now

Thanks Tony

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Lex10 said...

"Drew? Maury.
Hello sweetie, yes, I know.....yes....Listen I have a great new part for you - it's a remake of the documentary I Think Were Alone do? Good. No, sweetie. No. No the other one. Shawn. Yes.
Drew, listen, no, Drew, Drew Dr-. She hung up."

*Ring Ring*

"Yes. Tuesday. William Morris - La Cienaga offices. Yes. No don't wear the Edie Beale costume - no don't- Dr...Drew honey, I gotta recommend against La Cienaga office. Yes In & Out Burger. Yes.

OK then, the flapper outfit. OK. No it's really OK. Really......yes.
Bye doll. Yes, you 'phone home' too, sweetie"