Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Since she is a Slammer favorite, I'm reposting my today's dose here:

She needs a trip to the Bionic Beauty Salon Hospital. And that kid of hers isn't any help ... getting busted in the parking lot! Charlie needs to get in there and sort that lot out. I met Ryan O'Neal once on my way to the dentist. He was super nice and gave me that 'surprised-raised-eyebrow-don't-I-know-you-thing' that I get because I look like I should be someone, but I'm not. It's really disappointing when I go to events, because I've actually heard people go, "Oh, she's nobody." (And you wonder why famous people go crazy out here when they stop being famous!)

Here's Farrah and Penny Marshall:

Watch her cream Joe Namath:

and Farrah on the Dating Game:

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