Friday, April 3, 2009

Creepy Love

This song creeps me out. It takes me back to 1981 and that movie about fifteen-year-old (looking about 12) Brooke Shields getting deflowered by an older dude, while her cool mom catches a glimpse and then sits and watches them from the stairs. Mom is shocked, embarrassed then caught up in her own memories of young passion. ewwww. Lady, it's your daughter for chrissakes! Leave it to Franco Zeffirelli - he loved filming those nubile actors (and you wonder why Brooke doesn't speak to her former agent/mama anymore?).

Atleast the intellectual, artsy family pays for their progressiveness later on in the film- when the volatile boyfriend sets their house on fire. Good Times.

For me, the song makes me feel like an awkward pimply teenager with feathered hair, braces and lots to learn. Ugh! Please anything but that time again !! Now I know what The Dashers meant in Female Trouble about never wanting to be caught in any of those "ludicrous positions."

The song is even creepier when a young teen sings it -- example: Andrea ('Annie #1') McArdle on The Merv Griffin Show.

post script: Endless Love would pretty much be Brooke Shield's swan song to her string of nymphette roles that she had been doing since 1978's Pretty Baby (when she was 12). Endless Love was panned despite the hit theme song. Her film career tanked but she was paid $1 million in 1981 to endorse Wella Balsam shampoo and even more for those Calvin Klein ads. She stayed famous and cutesy thanks to Bob Hope's NBC Specials while she was on school vacations from Princeton. She was able to re-invent herself as a normal person in the NBC sitcom Suddenly Susan in 1996. Her endless lover Martin Hewitt would eventually star in 1990's Skinemax indie film erotica and scattered tv guest shots through 2003. He is now age 51 with a wife and 2 kids and in the home inspection business.
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