Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Just Wrong

Fuck this. Have they (HBO) nothing better to do?

Or is it just me?

Ooh-OOH one more thing: Is Adam Sandler gonna play David Maysles? In his little, tiny voice? The one that sucks like everything he does?


Pantheon Zeus said...

I cannot wait for this HBO film.
I like all things Beale - including the Broadway musical. Nothing can tarnish the love I have for the Edies anyway.

I saw the promo clip and for atleast one sentence of dialogue, Drew (with big fake choppers- seems to get the dialect correct. (She claims she worked with a dialogue coach for a year).

The fake house facade they built in Toronto for before and after shots looks amazingly detailed.

Since The Maysles paid the Beale ladies $5,000 each in 1973 and never shared in profits (ever) I feel that it's all fair game.
This director and cast knew they had to please the hardcore Edie lovers. They also had access to the mountain of letters and archives saved by Edie.
I look forward to a complete bio-pic that fills in the historical gaps.

Edie's family executors were paid as consultants (Al Maysles are co-producers for this HBO Film.)

Lex10 said...

So, uh, when I redo it with Britney we're cool?

John Waters once said "Only remake the bad movies."

Lex10 said...

I meant to add "with kindest regards"

Lex10 said...

Because despite the due diligence you have performed my sensibilities are still at sea so I don't want to come off like a jerk.

And yet Drew Barrymore means nothing to me and should never be cast in anything. Jessica Lange is out to teach me a lesson; hence dreary-assed slow moving bleagh awaits.
But I promised you this PZ my respected colleague: if they strap me down Clockwork Orange style and I see it and I am wrong.... I will admit it.

In a post, even......

Lex10 said...

Have I atoned for my directness enough?

Pantheon Zeus said...

Believe me I was cuckoo over this project for months - until I got a looksey at the sets, costumes and clips of thge women speaking/singing.

I expected the worst from Lispy Lisperson (LOL) - but the chick did her homework and really wanted to challenge herself and had to learn how to not speak out of the side of her mouth. (we shall see...)

Seems just yesterday, I was at the cinema watching little Drew sweat & pant her way to fame in FIRESTARTER.

This isnt a remake anyway
-- its a that HBO tradition of Ashley Judd & Mira Sorvino in "Norma Jean & Marilyn".

Even though Mira was in no way MM-ish, both actresses showed boobs and Judd showed beav -- and I liked the psychological drama / schitzo angle of the film, when the 'ghost' of NormaJean never leaves MM alone and berates her endlessly - the poor dear.

Speaking of remakes -- Faye Dunaway was asked how she felt about Hilary Duff starring ina new Bonnie & Clyde. Her reply wasnt pretty.

However -- if pretty Jared Leto gets the role of Clyde I will happily watch it.

Donna Lethal said...

I was totally against it, too. Y'know, Al Maysles is an old pal of mine, and directly responsible for me going to college.

Right up until yesterday, when I saw the trailer and was stunned by Drew's dead-on Edie impersonation. Can she pull it off? Maybe. At least - I will give it a shot. I'm not as dead set against it as I was.

DefChef said...

Since other posters have pretty much settled the "why remake THIS?" question(s), the only other issue I have with yr post is why're you hating on Adam Sandler?!?

You like STRIPES (and I'll assume CADDYSHACK too) but you can't find any funny in BILLY MADISON or HAPPY GILMORE? Yeah, he's done plenty of shiiiiiiity movies (50 FIRST DATES, whatever that last movie was called, etc...) but c'mon - who hasn't? Even yr beloved John Waters tossed out a few duds (CRYBABY).

Anyway, love yr site, but do yrself a favor and dig past that ridiculous WATERBOY-era voice and at least rent ZOHAN before you write the guy off entirely!

Lastly...does anyone remember any other instances of a documentary being remade into a drama???

Lex10 said...

Def, or should I say "Adam" - haven't you got anything better to do?


This guy sucked the life out of Saturday Night Live, his routines that were based on his personae sucked and after nearly 2 decades of sucking, Zohan will not be enough for me to forgive. All I could ever figure was that he was some bigshot's nephew or something, or that Lorne Michaels owed him a drug or gambling debt. My ire is analogous to a really hot potential lover that stinks of onions and kicks you in the nuts when you approach. It's just not happening. We are in a comedy renaissance, and this guy is on the outside of it. As evidence, he has not appeared in anything significant with Ferrell, Stiller, Carell, Lennon, Heder, Samberg, Rudd, Reilly, the great UK performers, or any of the folks who are not only capable of conceptualizing great humor but also executing it. With any luck it'll stay that way.

Now I have a double feature to go to: the ritual burning of Eight Crazy Nights and Battlefield Earth