Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Gene Gene the Dancing Machine

Take a manic talent show host, mix in three celeb judges (any Gabor will do), and regular appearances by an NBC stagehand who dances while getting pelted with junk - and you have the ultimate 70s televised party The Gong Show.

( The Gong Show Movie is a bore- don't bother)- stick with the original

After The Gong Show was cancelled, Eugene "gene gene" Patton remained a stagehand at NBC into the 1990s. Sadly, He lost both legs to complications from diabetes in 2001.
Gene had a cameo as himself in the film Confessions of a Dangerous Mind.


Donna Lethal said...

Gene Gene Genius!

Keith said...

I loved the Gong Show when I was growing up.

Scandy Tangerine Man said...

I LOVE The Gong Show Movie! Barris seemed a little self-conscious and reserved throughout, but the candid backstage bits were the best. And hey, you get a Tom Lehrer song and the Unknown Comic!

Pantheon Zeus said...

true - you have to really be a super fan...
I loved the DONT GET UP, CHUCK - DONT GET UP FOR ME song at end of film that is sung by the cast of misfits who finds Chuckie Baby in seclusion.