Friday, February 20, 2009

Dancin' with Darcel

One of the nicest things about being in Los Angeles is meeting celebs who rocked your world as a kid or teenager. Last summer I just HAD to say a few words to former Solid Gold dancer Darcel Wynne when I saw her at a 'Salute to Tv Choreography' event. She was sweet and still looked fabulous - and when I asked (to clarify for myself) if SHE was in the film Xanadu? - she answered "I sure was."
She was sassy and fun and enjoying reuniting with some of her ol' dancer buddies that she hadn't seen in 20 years.

She came out dancing in the show later that night - and she was serving it like the old days. Kicked ass. She's still solid gold. (After they danced, the original SG dancers got a standing ovation from the crowd).

Here is Darcel (one of the coolest dancers in 1980s America) doing her animal print spandex stuff in Xanadu's "battle of the bands" DANCIN'.

It was always my favorite part of the flick. I like the idea of 40s big band merging with 80s band The Tubes.

Darcel is dancing on the 80s side (ofcourse) -- and shakes her gorgeous ass at the 6:36 mark.

This footage below shows you the film's 25th anniversary screening in Glendale, CA with shadow dancers. A real blast.

a clearer copy of the film's number can be viewed here
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