Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Jessica Harper

I have to admit, I LOVE Jessica Harper. I don't think I am totally alone. I even, maybe especially, love her in "Shock Treatment" the under rated sequel to the "Rocky Horror Picture Show". A film I know is almost universally despised but was nevertheless way ahead of it's time predicting the celebrity/reality TV culture and has some truly awesome songs in it. How can you not love a actress who was in "Phantom of the paradise", Stardust Memories,", "Love and Death", "Pennies from Heaven" (another fantastic, almost lost film now it seems - she puts lipstick on her nipples) and , of course "Suspiria" It's really her voice that gets to me. Is it just me or do she and K.D. Lang share vocal cords?


Pantheon Zeus said...

amen --
she was EVERYWHERE circa 1977-81

I forgot about the lipstick on her nipples ! How erotic and must've tittilated/confused my teen gay self
at the cinema in 1981.

love her singing in Shock Treatment too

Vincent-louis said...

I always said she had bad timing in a way, the steve martin movie no one saw, the rocky horror film no one saw, ... etc

Pantheon Zeus said...

I will never forget being at a weekend screening of 'Pennies from Heaven' and you could FEEL the small town mainstream audience bewildered and annoyed by the film, ie: hey! this isn't a comedy? wtf?!

This big homo however loved the lavish lip-synched musical numbers
especially the one with kids tap dancing in the classroom.

Keith said...

It's a shame that she never got the attention she deserved. I always liked her.