Wednesday, January 14, 2009

"Irma would've loved this." -- Norman Fell

from the men who gave us Willie Wonka and The Chocolate Factory is the David Wolper produced/Mel Stuart directed If It Tuesday, This Must Be Belgium.

With an all-star cast of great character actors: Michael Constantine, Peggy Cass, Norman Fell, Reva Rose, Marty Ingels, Mildred Natwick and Pamela Britton - the film follows a group of "ugly American" tourists on their 18-day motorcoach tour across Europe in swinging 1969.

It stars a gorgeous Suzanne Pleshette (in fierce eye-lashes and wiglet) and a pre-Deadwood Ian McShane as the young stud tour guide. Norman Fell also gives us his fabulous freaky dorky dance that he would make famous as Mr. Roper a decade later.

Also - look for Flipper's Tv buddy Luke Halpin (all grown up as a cool hippie biker) and 1960s tv goddess Hilary Thompson as an American teen looking for excitement.

fun fact: Hilary Thompson retired from acting and married My Bodyguard , Porky's 2 & Cat People writer / makeup artist Alan Ormsby who also created the popular doll
Hugo: Man of a Thousand Faces !


Vincent-louis said...

you know miss Lethal has a fear of Hugo! Who doesn't! He's super creepy.. still.. I wish I had one now

Mavis Martini said...

AHHH! I've been dying to see this! AND DL knows I have a Hugo--he looks just like director, Allan "Empire Records" Moyle:

(wonder what he'd go for on eBay?)

Anonymous said...

Saw this at the theater when it was first released and loved it. Watched it again a few years back on VHS and I thought it held up well, esp. the jokes about Irma getting on the wrong bus.