Thursday, January 22, 2009

"Dahling, am I a nymphomaniac?"

Poor Marianne Faithfull! She's married to a dullard but still has the hots for Alain Delon (who wouldn't, especially when he's sporting his spectacles?!)He sends her a motorcycle as a wedding gift, and she's soon riding both of them! BUT she'll eventually pay the ultimate price for her short-lived freedom! The 1960's STILL didn't like us women to be TOO free!

No subtlety here!

Originally called "NAKED UNDER LEATHER"!!


Keith said...

Hey. I'm straight, but I still wouldn't mind having hooked up with Alain Delon. lol

Donna Lethal said...

An old pal of mine and Mavis' (Reed!) once handed Marianne the soundtrack LP of this to autograph and she said, "Good lord, where did you find this?"

Hell yeah - both of 'em!

Richard Gibson said...

I went to a couple of film talks hosted by Jack Cardiff. If my memory serves this never came up certainly in any great detail.

Loveinamist - Marianne Faithfull - one of the harder Faithfull records to find. I used to love listening to her, especially those 60's albums.

Vincent-louis said...

This made me think of some weird itaian film... girl in black leather? gorl on a motorcycle...? Itinvolved a young girl who meets up with a woam on a motorcycle who isn't as "far out and radical and free spritied" as she would like to project. It was a comedy of sorts.. not I won't sleep until i remember exactly what what it was!