Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Dead Set

Just watched it. The imagery is painterly, the idea is clever, the violence appropriately disgusting - no boring gaps, limited preposterous, putting-oneself-in-danger moments- and like his Nathan Barley, atmospherically apt, like umami for the eyes.

Here's Charlie Brooker unnecessarily apologizing for it. Podcast.


Another (clearer) trailer here

Simon Pegg in a very complimentary review, centered on his disagreement with the concept of running zombies. Article.

The E4 site

BTW, zombies run.


Arthur Ignatowski said...

I sacrificed a portion of my evening for 5 nights for this and wasn't disappointed, despite being a fan of the oafish, lumbering zombie. Brooker's response to Simon Pegg's article is here, if you haven't seen it, Lex, MA!

Keith said...

Wow! That looks awesome. Thanks for posting about. I hadn't heard of it over here. I hope it hits DVD.