Sunday, October 5, 2008

Sex Mad Welsh Librarians!! Cwtch!!

For Arthur:

Gwwyyy Twwyyydd SWDW WDDWWWYYYDDWWDWE !!! That's Welsh for I'd like a sandwich, please......

Actually, I b0ught the poster for this film @ the flea market a year and a half ago. Having no idea what this film was about (but being encouraged by Peter Sellers' appearance) I DVRed it on TCM. Tre's encouraging.....

To my dismay, it aborted at about 30 minutes in, so uh, hook me up, my Brit &/or Cymru buds! It's nae available on either Amazon US or UK - OK!???!!

1 comment:

Arthur Ignatowski said...

I lent my only copy to Michael Douglas last time he was here, along with one of my girls and a leek... I don't seriously expect to get any of them back!
I hope you've practicing your cwtching Lex!