Saturday, October 18, 2008

Paul Lynde + LA Transit = !

My pal Scott Michaels sent me to this fabulous site so I could read about a new Don Knotts book (how's that for an opener?) but I got sidetracked by this post:

You probably won't want to watch all of this — it runs close to a half-hour — but you might enjoy a few minutes of a 1968 "educational" (propaganda) film done for the Los Angeles Rapid Transit District. The early part features Paul Lynde in what was not one of his funniest roles. Most of the film features (and was probably at least co-written by) Ralph Story, who was a prominent L.A. TV host and occasional newsman back then. Mr. Story was a clever, folksy gent who usually appeared in more interesting shows than this...but it's fascinating to see a lot of the arguments then being advanced for public transportation. Some are ridiculous but some were prescient...and unheeded.

(oddly, part 1 has been taken down - why?)

Don Knotts naturally should not have to share a post w/anyone, so we'll save that for later.
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