Thursday, September 4, 2008

My new "roi du comedie" nomination..

I love Steve Coogan! I know he's hot now that he's BFF with Ben Stiller, but I've been a fan for years (thanks, BBC America). I think I'm one of the few hundred people who've actually gone to see "Hamlet 2", mainly because I'll see Mr. Coogan in just about anything...including bad commercials:

I think he has an amazing face that can look horrible or handsome, and he has some hot dance moves:

Okay, he's no Tom Jones...


Arthur Ignatowski said...

What's it like?

It was good to have him back over here recently 1n 'Saxondale' (very British but I know you dig, Mavis).
Since 'On The Hour' I've loved most of his stuff and you're right about his face. I imagine you would love to lap dance for Tony Ferrino (you may try and deny!) but I can't see you drinking cans of lager in a bus stop with Paul Calf - but I may be wrong!

Donna Lethal said...

My mouse scrolled down too fast, so it hit the end of the next post, authored by Arthur (say that fast.) I thought, wow, how bold to admit his love and lust for Steve Coogan.

Arthur Ignatowski said...

I think you're teasing me Donna! Ha ha!
But you've made me think twice about posting comments while drinking red wine from the bottle.

I'm not bold - I'm just a dandy-lion.

Mavis Martini said...

Ha! You two! NO, I don't deny--his lap or mine? I've caught the "Saxondale" in question and love his name-dropping of MOJO magazine as the ultimate in hip cred for old rockers! Long Live Le Coogan!
(Oh, the movie is a very over-the-top "Waiting for Guffman" with dashes of "Rushmore". The show-stopper,"Rock Me Sexy Jesus" is a real toe-tapper)