Saturday, July 26, 2008

Movies For Dummies

'The Unholy Three'

'The Great Gabbo'


I haven't got round to watching 'Black Devil Doll from Hell' yet, and I'm not sure if I ever will, so I'll leave it to IMDB to fill you in -

"The only reason to see this is for the unintentionally hilarious rape scene wherein a pious sister of the church is tied down to her bed and given a serious rodgering by an evil, horny ventriloquist's dummy with dreadlocks. The scene where he "orally pleasures" her will forever be burned into my memory, not only because if was silly beyond all human comprehension, but because his tongue looks like a popsicle stick. And, yes, we do get to see his, er...wood. Rent it, and fast forward to this scene. After seeing it, immediately remove the tape from your VCR and use it as a skeet shooting pigeon."

And this led me back to one of my favourite album covers...

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