Friday, May 9, 2008

Meg Ryan -- remember her?

Whilst searching for some kind of clip or trailer for Diane "Murphy Brown" English's upcoming, long-gestating (ie. did they scrap together that financing yet?) remake of The Women, I stumbled upon this absolutely mindblowing trailer for what looks like a straight-to-video gem:

I mean... where does one begin?

I've always had a thing for Ryan. I always liked the undercurrent of pure bitch that lurked underneath her screen persona even when she was towing the lead in the benign, big-budget rom coms that put her on the map. The fact that she dated beefy bad boy Dennis Quaid in his rail-blowing (allegedly!) prime only added to her 'bad girl luster'. No goody-goody starlet here!

More gems from the video rubbish bin of YouTube...

Watch Meg at her brittle bitchiest talking to Parkinson while doing press for that God Awful Jane Campion movie, In the Cut. Obviously hanging out for months with that pseudo-intellectual feminist film diva did wonders for her 'upbeat attitude'. Talk about awkward:

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