Saturday, March 1, 2008

Paying The Rent

What do you do if you're a movie star and the big roles aren't coming your way anymore? Why, you shill for a major corporation, of course. Here are some of my favorite commericials by actors just paying the rent.

Brenda Vaccaro for Playtex tampons:

Margaret Hamilton for Maxwell House coffee:

Bert Lahr for Lay's potato chips:

Martha Raye (feat. Rocky Graziano) for Polident:

There is no embeddable link to this but you can see it here.

and my all time favorite, Orson Welles for Paul Masson wines:


Donna Lethal said...

i love, love, LOVE that you did this. being a child of the 70s i knew vaccaro from those ads first and as an actress second. god, that voice. i didn't even know (or maybe i blocked out) the bert lahr.

but orson takes the cake. i watch those for fun often.

*Mark* said...

my friend makes me laugh so much when he imitates Brenda and her Tampax catchprase:

" make mine a double !"

(double absorbant tampons that is)

Vincent-louis said...

didn't they also end up in sid and marty coft Tv shows as well?
martha raye was on "the bugaloos" for example....


Donna Lethal said...

if they were lucky they did. the unlucky ones got commercials.