Monday, February 25, 2008

More Slammies

The Hardest Working Actor Award goes to Jack Cassidy for appearing in four(!) projects after his death in 1976. Here's a clip of Jack on the Dinah Shore show displaying his two great talents, singing and being a jackass.

The Hardest Working Actor Award, First Runner-Up goes to Bela Lugosi, who only appeared in most of one movie after his death, but what a movie!


Chilly said...

The greatest line ever uttered by Bela Lugosi:

"Pull da strrrring! Pull da strrrring!"

Thank you for overshadowing the overrated Oscars and bringing us the much more entertaining Slammies.

Donna Lethal said...

We love Jack Cassidy here at CS! Any post-mortem appearance is most definitely a plus.

Chris Pissah said...

I remember reading some quote from David Cassidy where he said when he hit it big with the teenyboppers ol' Jack got jealous, and David wasn't even speaking to him at the time he burned himself up.