Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The Yin and Yang Of Ib Melchior

Ib Melchoir wrote quite a few things in his career, but I find two films of his on completely opposite ends of the spectrum. I actually like them both. One, for being innovative with a small budget, the other for showing how bad low budget films can be. These films are of course, “Planet of the Vampires” and “Reptilicus”. “Planet of the Vampires” (also known under I think 1000 other names), which is truly a film that shows that low budget is not always low concept. This film was obviously an huge influence for Ridley's Scott's “Alien” (see clip), it's miniscule budget still managed fantastic set pieces and really hot leather space outfits with matching skull caps that somehow managed to contain some of the biggest beehive hairdo's in Sci-Fi (I NEED one of those outfits, or at least the skull cap!)

“Reptilicus”, on the other hand, is a film about piece of dinosaur tail that grows into giant monster that throws up on people to kill them. This film also includes a 10 minute tour of Copenhagen (did the tourist bureau put up the cash for this thing?) and in the uncut version... hard to believe every centimetre of film wasn't used no matter how bad, it even included a “musical number” of the mentally challenged maintenance man singing a song about Reptilicus to a group of children for no apparent reason. (see clip)

Other highlights in his career were also interesting. He wrote “Death race 2000”, was the creator of “Space Family Robinson” (or “Lost in Space”)... he seems a writer stuck somewhere between genius and complete schlock!

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