Monday, January 28, 2008

TOOMORROW! Olivia Newton-John takes off on a wild rock & roll trip 1970 style!

I've been obsessed with this film for's like a bizarre Partridge Family on acid with a happy sorta Wild In The Streets meets Star Trek vibe if that makes any sense. It's called Toomorrow & was released in 1970. Here's some info from an olivia newton-John fan site:
In 1970 Olivia made her second movie entitled Toomorrow. Don Kirshner, who had created the Monkees in 1965, wanted to repeat this success and manufacture another pop group. He teamed up with Harry Saltzman maker of the popular James Bond movies. The group Toomorrow was to be launched via the cinema and via an album and single.
The group consisted of Australian 21 year old Olivia; English keyboard player Vic Cooper 25, American drummer Karl Chambers 22 and Ben Thomas American 24 year old singer. Originally Chirs Slade (who went onto ACDC fame) was to be a member - but before the movie was made he left and was replaced by Karl Chambers (Karl sadly died Feb 2002 from cancer).

There is a record as well, great odd music! Someone put the whole film in 11 parts on Youtube! here's one clip:
Don't freak out!

ps. 4/2008: oh no! it's gone ... but don't fear, the slammer team bought the film!


*Mark* said...

wowsa this looks great,
I had no idea it was so damn joyous and trippy.

as a loyal Xanadude, this proves to me even more that I would follow ONJ to hell !

Donna Lethal said...

OMG! I want to LIVE in this scene. We have to find out more about it! We have to get it!

*Mark* said...

I just bought the DVD (all region)
copy off ebay for under $20

the redesigned vhs/dvd cover (from some country) shows a drawing of ONJ in the leather outfit from GREASE. ha

Love how they try to confuse people digging in the dollar bins. LOL

Howie Pyro said...

wow...i don't actually have a copy...

Chris Parcellin said...

this has got to be the best thing olivia has ever done.

Chilly said...

"Why run around like a chicken without a head when you can just relax in your bed?"

That is some seriously good songwriting. Must've been my stoner years when this lovely piece of ... entertainment hit the air - I don't remember it at all. :)