Sunday, January 27, 2008

Funny how history repeats itself

Concerning the recent Cloverfield barfing issue:

I was living in Boston. I had been fired from Landmark's Kendall Square Cinema and was working at The Coolidge when The Blair Witch Project was screened in exclusive advance limited release at about 12 Landmark chain theaters. My friend and former boss, Nancy Campbell, snuck me into one of those advance screenings. During the film several people ran out of the room to chuck. As history would have it during that two week run the Landmark chain had exclusive rights to cleaning up neatly mapped trails of vomit from their auditoriums to their restrooms.

Artisan Entertainment came down hard on Landmark employees during this two week screening platform demanding that no one was to speak to the press about the motion sickness/vomiting issue. Nancy made it a point to not only hide in a closet with a cordless phone to be interviewed by the BBC in regards to the epidemic, but also to give a statement to the Boston Globe explaining their predicament.

Eat your heart out, Wes Craven, with your Last House On The Left promo barf bags.
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