Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Dr. Loveless

some of you may have read my other musings on "the wild wild west," especially my discussions with mavis about the recurring themes of a) robert conrad's supertight pants*; b) his usually shirtless whippings, slappings, and beatings, often by women; and c) robert conrad's supertight pants*. max cady sent me this interesting article on michael dunn, aka "dr loveless," who was the stuff of nightmares for me as a kid. my friend linda and i would play "wild wild west" (sadly, i could never get any neighborhood boys to let me tie them to posts and whip them for minor espionage infractions) and she would always whisper "dr loveless is coming to get us!"

‘There was something strange there'

Dunn was in England to play the role of Birgito in the production of "The Abdication,” when he died Aug. 30, 1973. According to a news report, officials said Dunn reported his leg was injured in his hotel room, and he telephoned for help. When help arrived, they found the actor dead.

Circumstances of the death always made family members think "there was something strange there,” Reed said. She said Dunn's mother received a telegram shortly before his death that said, "I'm OK. The cops are looking.”

Max muses: "Here's my new theory about Michael Dunn's death: Can Conrad account for his whereabouts on August 30, 1973? Maybe he dared Dunn to knock something off his shoulder and things got out of hand. Probably snapped because of all the jokes on the "WWW" set about who was taller, Bob or Mike?"

someone made a bunch of "wild wild west" music videos on youtube - wow! who ARE these people? god bless 'em!

i'm back to let you know i can really shake 'em down!

*i rest my case.
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