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Sunday, August 14, 2011

F*ck You, Woman, F*ck You

Sunday, April 17, 2011

THE LOOK - Here's Lucy style

In her final successful sitcom until her CBS-imposed retirement in 1974, sixty-something Lucille Ball played Lucy Carter and pimped her real-life teen kids to audiences (Desi Jr was a hot box- but he eventually left the series and his mom's on set screaching). By then, Lucy heavily relied on cue cards and a parade of guest stars to cover the lack of physical comedy. Below you will find a swingin' 60s Liz Taylor; a caftanned Shelley Winters; Lawrence Welk; Wally Cox; fearless Flip Wilson; and sitcom guest 'must have' Eva Gabor who arrives wearing her sunglasses at night. Vivian Vance agreed to come on once a year but was more content to stay in Connecticut with her (gay) hubby/companion. Our Donna Lethal joked that the credit-sequence top-hatted Lucy marionnete was (for her) the most terrifying sight on television.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

I Think It's The Ass-Slapping That Got To Me

.....not that I'm into that sort of thing actually. Vitameatavegamin this ain't. Vita, yes. Meata, yes. But vegamin, no. Quite the seductive babe, one might say. This was long before she got that only occasionally appearing weird Charles Gibson brow, and way, way before getting all moved by the chickdudeish Wayne Newton and befuddled by Burton and Taylor on Here's Lucy or The Lucy Show.