Thursday, February 16, 2012

Finding Mr. Goodbar

Over at the always fab FINDADEATH.COM there is a summary of the real victim of the "Goodbar" murder.

Click here to see photos of the victim's singles bar haunt on 72nd Street (now) and screengrabs of the SNL 1977 skit advertising the "LOOKING FOR MR. GOODBAR SLEEPYTIME PLAYSET" where (as the announcer tells Gilda Radner playing a child) every little girl can "win" by "getting killed".

The film is currently out of print on VHS and has never been released on DVD/Blu Ray (Is the studio too cheap for pay for the disco music rights featured in the film?)

Watch the clip below if you've forgotten how great young Richard Gere looked in a jockstrap.

The next clip is the title sequence with the theme song.

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