Monday, March 15, 2010

Pagan Girls Love Seamen

1961's Pagan Island stars Eddie Dew as a shipwreck survivor marooned on a tropical island of women "pagans". He falls for the island princess - and the natives speak half-English.

The centerpiece god statue was created by renowned San Francisco sculptor, Lewis Vand Dercar. The special effects department worked overtime on a menacing giant clam, who plays a really shocking role in the film's climax. (Who likes Clam Climaxes?!!)

IMDB shows that the male lead Mr. Eddie Dew was a B/C/D-film actor in mostly war & western films. IMDB says he had the uncredited role of Assistant Coroner in SUNSET BLVD.

The below screencaps were snatched from the fab male appreciation site:

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