Wednesday, March 3, 2010

In Search of Suki Goodwin and The Stick

Two people with two credits each on IMDB who I would LOVE to see now are:

1. Suki Goodwin - The British tart in slasher film HELL NIGHT (1981) who gets murdered before she can enjoy sex with a yummy Vince Van Patten.

Her genius line: "These qualuudes are murder on my skin."

2. "The Stick" - The double-jointed bean-pole comic actor who played nerdy janitor Malvert in the slasher film spoof STUDENT BODIES (1981).

His genius line: "Sometimes Malvert pee blood."

If you know of their whereabouts - please comment - there are surprisingly numerous people who want to find them and would love to know what they are doing 30 years after their big screen glory.
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