Wednesday, March 3, 2010

In Search of Suki Goodwin and The Stick

Two people with two credits each on IMDB who I would LOVE to see now are:

1. Suki Goodwin - The British tart in slasher film HELL NIGHT (1981) who gets murdered before she can enjoy sex with a yummy Vince Van Patten.

Her genius line: "These qualuudes are murder on my skin."

2. "The Stick" - The double-jointed bean-pole comic actor who played nerdy janitor Malvert in the slasher film spoof STUDENT BODIES (1981).

His genius line: "Sometimes Malvert pee blood."

If you know of their whereabouts - please comment - there are surprisingly numerous people who want to find them and would love to know what they are doing 30 years after their big screen glory.


Tommy Salami said...

Ah, the search for Malvert. I'd love to know what happened to him too. He really made that spoof a lot of fun.

Donna Lethal said...

PZ you should start a website solely dedicated to searching for them. I'm serious!

Dez said...

Suki Goodwin appeared on a documentary shown here in England today. It transpires that she is the daughter of comedy/game show legend Bob Monkhouse's former comedy partner Denis Goodwin. She was speaking after seeing some old footage of her father for the first time.


Back in 1982, Suki Goodwin makes an appearance in Trees' video "Come Back", released on MCA Universal and was one of the early videos broadcast on MTV. She appears towards the end of the song as Dane Conover's new girlfriend, after he is dumped by his two-timing lover, played by Ellen Radner, Gilda Rander's cousin. Great 80's synth-pop song!.....