Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Who ARE You?

Guess who's staying with me this weekend?

That's right! The only and only Miss Tura Satana. I thought it would be fun to do a little "Ask Tura" feature. Post 'em here in the comments section - Friday is the deadline - and we will answer them over the weekend. She in town promoting her new film, "SugarBoxx," in which she costars with Kitten Natividad and Jack Hill! Here's the trailer:


Anonymous said...

I read in "Shock Value" that John Waters met Russ Meyer but I always wondered if he ever had a chat with Tura ? "Faster Pussycat" was such a strong influence on him & his movies.

Lex10 said...

Q: What's your favorite perfume?
Your close Facebook friend,

Donna Lethal said...

Great! Keep 'em coming!

The Hound said...

I'm curious if when she was an exotic dancer if she had a theme song or a favorite tune that she used in her show.

LaDivaCucina said...

OMGod, Sugar Boxx looks FABULOUS! Tura, you are still one sexy tough-ass mama! Good luck with the premiere! (Makes me miss living in L.A.!)

I read your bio about your tough times at school with the other girls and was wondering if you had any martial arts training?