Monday, September 21, 2009

One Man's Niche-y Obsession

Steven Hills Movie Title Pages. Just....endless, hundreds, assloads of movie title screens. Has to be seen to:
A: Be believed
B: Be appreciated
let's face it - this stuff is an impact making few seconds of any film (for instance, in my house we say, "Cartoon opening; good movie." - think about it - it's true) and Senor Hill has made it his mission, with just a hint of "WTF?!?"


Christopher said...

..and the movies are good too ;o)

Pantheon Zeus said...

a true art form --
love when the company LOLO is worked into the opening credits too -- like in The Trouble with Angels and the disco dancing Columbia Pictures chick in Thank God Its Friday.

I drove home daily past the tranny and male hookers on SM Blvd and pass by Pacific Title & Art Co. which must have created most of the best titles.

sad news from June 2009:

Pacific Title & Art Studio, the 90-year-old Hollywood post-production house, has gone into receivership and will be liquidated.

According to an email Pacific Title prexy-CEO David McCarthy sent to employees, efforts to obtain new financing for the company have failed.

Pac Title was founded in 1919 by Warner Bros. animation artist Leon Schlesinger and counts among its credits "The Jazz Singer," "Gone With the Wind" and "Ben Hur."

Recent credits include "Terminator Salvation," "Fast and Furious," "Watchmen" and "Gran Torino."

Lex10 said...

THERE's a yard sale to go to......

Keith said...

I really like these. Some good movies there.