Saturday, September 26, 2009

"Is that so unbelievable - to believe?"

Sylvia Miles vs. Pat Ast -- ogling Joe Dallesandro in Andy Warhol's HEAT.

God Bless the late Pat Ast - she could adlib dialogue like nobody else.

"Here we are talkin' chum to chum."

"Whaddya mean what do I mean?"


Scary Manilow said...

Gawd I love this movie. I take it you've seen Reform School Girls, then?

Donna Lethal said...

A rather gorgeous and vapid ex of mine once had the nerve to ask Sylvia who she was at a NY party. I thought she was going to have a stroke.

Keith said...

I've got a buddy who is obsessed with Joe.

Donna Lethal said...

Does he live out here? I ran into Joe (not literally) in a Starbucks once. Someone told me he runs a hotel, I'm not sure.