Thursday, September 17, 2009

Guilty Pleasure: BET's 'American Gangster'

Now, you know these shows. There's never a good ending. The guy's either in jail, or gets killed in jail, or is out of jail and dead. Imagine my delight when on last night's Midget Molley episode (he wore a crown! I mean, I love anyone who wears crowns - James Brown, Solomon Burke, King Vitamin - you name it, they're crowned, I'm their fan), Molley is not only a free man, he is a community activist in Atlantic City. And he's got his own youtube channel. Go, Midget!

Hmm - BET's page won't let me cut and paste. You can watch here. Oddly, it stars with a feminine hygiene ad. Maybe their know their audience. Want to know more? Here's a wiki, his myspace, and his website.
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