Monday, February 2, 2009

The Fall

The Fall: Saw it Saturday night. I really wasn't expecting much, probably owing to the film's lack of market presence, which is stupid on my part.

The images are exquisite, with more than a nod to Dali. While I'm not a person who actively seeks films where fantasy and reality intertwine, this one got me because the intertwining was illustrative of how we visualize oral narrative. Especially in the case of children. In short, fairytale B.S. eludes me most times - but this wasn't that.

The little girl in the film Alexandria, played Catinca Untaru captivates because she plays her part like she's in a documentary thereby widening the gap between fantasy and reality. Lee Pace holds his own with her, as if they are interacting in life and not on film.

It'll tear you up in parts. And put you back together in others. All through it I could not understand why it was not more celebrated.

Here are two clips and the trailer:




fishintree said...

nice transgression Cell, a little Alice in there isn't there?

Keith said...

Wow! That looks quite interesting. I had not heard of it before. Thanks for sharing that with us.

Mavis Martini said...

Wow! I must see this! Doubtful it will hit Wilmywood, however. THANKS for sharing!

AutumnJones said...

Crazy, a friend of mine was telling me to see this film and tell him what i think.I'm such a movie buff.