Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Lord knows what starlet Marilyn Monroe had to do in fat Harry Cohn's Columbia Studios office to get this role.

Regardless, she gave audiences a taste of what was to come later in glorious 20th Century Fox technicolor.

Here in one of her first big roles she sings: "Every Baby Needs a Dad, Dad, Daddy"...

In one of her final films in 1960 she works the pole and sings:
"My Heart Belongs To Daddy".

If this doesn't show you that men get off on the helpless female - nothing does.
It's in our DNA. WE cannot help it.
It also gives you an idea of what Marilyn was up against in Hollywood 1948-62.

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Mavis Martini said...

I especially love the second one, but the message is heartbreaking! I'd like to say things have changed, but "Rock of Love", "Housewives of Palookaville" etc. would prove me wrong! ~le sigh~