Sunday, November 16, 2008

Whatchu talkin' about, (Wesley) Willis?

I know we tend to wax nostalgic over the hidden gems of yesteryear while doing time in the Slammer, but I'd like to break out briefly and share some brighter,newer gems that I recently got to view at a local film fest. First up:

Part 2:

Wesley is a genius superstar artist and musician!


Keith said...

I had never heard of him before. Wow. That was really cool. Thanks for sharing it with us here. Cheers!

Donna Lethal said...

Wow! Looks like some of that was shot out here - I gotta keep my eyes peeled for Mr WW!

floyd barber said...

I gotta check that one out!

Mavis Martini said...

No, the late (sadly) Mr. Willis was from Chicago. He sure did get around, though!

Mr. Sophistication said...

Nice work, Mavis. Here's to Wesley!

Pantheon Zeus said...

I recall seeing Wesley drawing city scenes on the sidewalk in Chicago. All the 90s rocker/grunge kids
would say "HI Wesley" to him in passing.

He was a gentle soul - as long as he stayed on his meds.

He performed with a backing band as "Wesley Willis Fiasco"

His song Rock ' Roll McDonalds is my fave.
Love the lyrics "Mac Donalds hamburgers will make you fat. Quarter Pounders will put pounds on you."

After reading what a terribly abused childhood he had on wikpediai --it really makes me sad.

RIP Wesley