Monday, March 3, 2008

working title: Mother Superior

One of my favorite films is The Trouble with Angels. Starring a radiant Hayley Mills (shaking off her Disney Studio moppet era) and Roz Russell, the film deals with two mischievous and curious teenage girls who enter a Catholic boarding school and wreak havoc with the teaching nuns. They explore the nuns' quarters on the sly, fill the sugar bowl with soap and just keep on coming up with "scathingly brilliant ideas" that cause endless amounts of comic confusion.

The film is directed beautifully by Ida Lupino (featuring locations in Ambler PA) and spans 3 years in the girls' friendship and development.

There is a terrific tribute site here with archival photos:

Unlike Roz Russell and Mary Wickes and Barbara Hunter (as "Marvel-Anne") who returned in the sequel "Where Angels Go, Trouble Follows", Hayley Mills opted out of playing Mary Clancy returning as the progressive Vatican 2-era Sister George. The role went to blonde Stella Stevens.

Character actor watch:
Mary Wickes (who also played a nun in Sister Act, and its sequel Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit) as Sister Clarissa. A nun jumping into a pool in gym shoes equals comedy.

Jesslyn Fax as a nursing home resident who complains about the home taking her social security.

Madge Blake from TV's Batman in the opening train scene complaining about Hayley Mills smoking. Mills bratty reply: "I'm not a child, Madame. I'm a midget with very bad habits."

Gypsy Rose Lee appears as an eccentric dance teacher.
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