Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Mickey Rooney is the Devil, part 17, chapter 8

Just when you think you've seen/heard it all, a friend sends me the following. Y'know, when people find out what upsets you - as in my case, giant bunnies, unfinished wood, Peeps, evil dwarves, and Mickey Rooney - they go out of their way to show you examples. Why?

'Friend' writes:

From one of the latest bootleg catalogs*:

Y291 Milky Life, The (1992) aka: Andy Hardy's Great Lactations (Just Kidding !) - Mickey Rooney plays a rich industrialist that wants to be a baby again. He starts wearing diapers, speaks only baby talk, and hires a big boobied woman (Mariane Sagebrecht) to wet nurse him. Wow, I am guessing all American Cultural Hero Rooney would prefer no one saw this one! With English Subs

Sadly, this is no joke. Here's the IMDB listing and you can see why it hasn't gotten any attention. I'll be damned if I add a plot synopsis and details. It's listed as a "comedy" rather than "horror."

*I'm protecting them in case certain Rooneyites go on their trail. Anyone who puts this movie out deserves to stay in business!
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