Monday, February 18, 2008

"Baby Love" (1968)

Wow, this peculiar little flick is a real relic of Swinging London in the late ‘60s. Our 15 year-old heroine Luci (Linda Hayden—later to appear in a few Hammer horror films and some softcore fair) is a precocious youngster who falls into tragic circumstances when her whory, beefy mom, Liz (former British sex kitten, Diana “The Siren of Swindon” Dors—as well as the former Mrs. Richard Dawson!), decides to do the smart thing and kill herself.

However, all is not lost because into the breach steps an improbably rich ex-boyfriend of Mummy’s named Robert (Keith Barron) who improbably decides to take the semi-chunky teen into the placid home he very probably shares with his mousy wife Amy (Ann Lynn) and their geekish son Nick (Derek Lamden).

Soon, Luci is parading around the backyard in a bikini and seems to have everyone in the house especially agitated down the trousers. Especially Amy! When Luci starts complaining of nightmares Amy decides the needy gal could use a bunkmate to get her through this rough patch. Sensing that she has this drab housewife all hot and bothered, Luci amuses herself by pretending to be sleeping then grinding herself all over the sexually confused homemaker. Panic ensues!

But when Luci runs home crying after some dandified fops try to forcibly hit her up for hairstyling tips—Amy gets so turned on by Luci’s convulsive sobs that she throws caution to the wind and begins smooching the deranged youngster as the scene fades out.

Yes, Luci has thrown a monkey wrench into the family’s routine, and Dad is pissed that he is no longer getting his rocks off with the misses at bedtime, while she’s off feeling up juicy Luci. Inappropriate!

Wildcat Luci also gets into a shoving match with young Nick in the shower, and the little jerk hits his head on a fixture and, rather conveniently, croaks instantly. Heavy drama!

I liked seeing the London of forty years ago, and the earnest way this family of wacked-out pervs was portrayed as getting their just desserts for getting too horny over a dopey little teenybopper.
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